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Our Rector, Jim Clark, answers some frequently asked questions about our newest initiative at Saint Barnabas: Living Generously. Sign up for our Collaborative Feasts here.

Q: Is this the start of the Stewardship season?

A: No, the in-home parish dinners are a brand new initiative inviting us to learn together what it means to be generous in forgiveness, generous in devotion to God, and generous in kindness. In small groups we want to share what we are grateful to God for, what brings us to Saint Barnabas, and what keeps us here.


Q: Is this a long-term commitment, like Supper Clubs?

A: No, this is different from our Supper Clubs program. You are invited to attend only one Living Generously dinner as part of this initiative. Saint Barnabas members have already committed to hosting these events – you are asked to just attend and bring a potluck item, as directed by your host.


Q: Will I be asked to fill out a pledge card at the event I sign up for?

A: No, the Living Generously initiative is not part of the Stewardship campaign and you will not be asked to fill out a pledge card. Our Stewardship season kicks off October 9.


Q: Will the discussion be all about money and giving?

A: No, we want to together think and talk about the generosity of God in our own lives, how we express generosity ourselves, and how we experience generosity from others. Generosity takes many forms, including financial giving, but we also want to explore other ways of living generously.

About The Rev. Jim Clark

Rector/Senior Pastor at Saint Barnabas. Follower of Jesus. Husband and father of four. Grateful Episcopalian. Energized by resting in the boundless Presence within. Enjoy being with my beloved, family, friends, work, photography, and fly-fishing.