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Faith Formation

TAEHS: At the heart of The Art of Engaging Holy Scripture small-group Bible Study is a deep invitation to grow in our faith and in our relationship with God. We are being formed in the likeness of Jesus as we pray, reflect, and spend time with the Scriptures together. As the core curriculum of Saint Barnabas, we hear again and again about how life-changing this curriculum is:  “TAEHS has given me a strength and a way to figure things out.” “My TAEHS group has been together 9 years and they’ve become some of my most trusted friends on the journey.” “TAEHS has made me a better Christian.”


Parish Life

Wednesday Night Dinners: With the advent of our Wednesday Night Music Program came a simple joy that has grown twice its size in only a year: Wednesday Night Dinners! From 6:15pm – 7pm every Wednesday, we serve a simple, tasty meal for any and all who want to come. Families with children in the music program, adult choir members on their way to rehearsal, parishioners who just can’t bear the idea of figuring out dinner yet again (!)…we all find our way to this quick and simple meal together with our friends. For only $2/child, & $5/adult, you can’t go wrong. Join the 50+ parishioners who have found the best deal in town!


About The Rev. Erika von Haaren

Vicar at Saint Barnabas. Priested and at Saint Barnabas since 2006. Certified Daring Way Facilitator. Jesus follower, gratitude practitioner, wife, mother to three little ones who keep me joyful and honest.