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Beginning last Advent, a Coffee Hour Task Force was formed to help build a meaningful extension of the community in worship to a community of fellowship. Under the leadership of Saint Barnabas members Bill Symonds and Amy Benjamin, volunteers offered recommendations and piloted several initiatives that have born great fruit (pun intended) for our coffee hour. It is often the small and crucial changes that help guests and members notice the care and intention of a welcoming church!

Among the changes you’ll notice:

– An increased presence of greeters and clergy at coffee hour
– Real creamer served with coffee and an increased variety of snack offerings
– Opportunity to enjoy coffee hour on the patio when seasonable
– Improved signs for guests
– More opportunities for ministry participation and sign-ups

The task force faced unique challenges of location, weather, ministry support, food offerings, and staff management. The recommendations of the task force continue to benefit the congregation in ways small and large, so join us for fellowship and coffee hour after church next Sunday!


About The Rev. Nick Roosevelt

Associate Priest at Saint Barnabas. Born and raised in South Carolina. I have one daughter; Lily. Jesus lover, current events enthusiast, travel nut, golfer, supporter of the arts.