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The Rev. Robert Berra is delighted to join Saint Barnabas! Both natives of Mobile, Alabama, Robert and his spouse Laura were married in 2008 and have a little boy, Colin. Together, they can often be found bicycling or walking their dog around Tempe’s University Park neighborhood.

With a Masters in Religious Studies from Arizona State University, Robert went on to study at Yale Divinity School. He was ordained in 2013, and planted a campus ministry at ASU Polytechnic. Robert also taught at ASU and began a ministry at ASU Downtown in partnership with Trinity Cathedral.

Robert left organized religion in his teenage years. After a period of wavering between agnosticism and Deism, he returned to Christianity and was confirmed in the Episcopal Church in his mid-twenties. He considers the experience of his time outside of the church to be a gift from God; and that time informs Robert’s desire to bring people into a meaningful relationship with a loving God and into communion with a community mirroring the love of Jesus. Robert and his family look forward to getting to know everyone at Saint Barnabas. His first day will be Sunday, June 24. Please join us in welcoming him!

About Saint Barnabas

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