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Welcome to the second Sunday of Easter at Saint Barnabas Online. The service will premiere at 10:15am, Sunday, April 19, 2020. (Refresh the page if you do not see the video at 10:15am) Click the icon to the left to view the Sunday Bulletin and children’s activities too! For the best experience, we recommend having the bulletin ready before the service begins. Please note that we will not by participating in Holy Communion. You can learn more about this in Rev. Jim’s update to the parish by clicking here. You can also read along with the Book of Common Prayer online by clicking here.

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This joyous season starts with Easter Day as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Easter season then continues for 50 days. Throughout this time, we hear the stories of how Jesus appeared to his followers in many ways after his resurrection; we hear what he taught them about how to live, and how to carry on without him. During this time, we also celebrate his Ascension into heaven (which Saint Barnabas also likes to move to a Sunday so we don’t miss the celebration!). This is followed by the arrival of the Holy Spirit, which we celebrate on Pentecost.

Hearing Impaired? Click the “cc” icon on the bottom right corner of the video screen for Closed Captions. See the image below.

A special thank you to everyone who helped create this service:

AV Team – Hank Parker, Dave McClintic, Alex Shivers and James Vincent.

Music directed by Michael Salazar, Robert Heyde

Trumpet by Emery Harvison

Video produced by Amy DeCaussin

Priests: The Rev. Jim Clark (Rector/Senior Pastor) The Rev. Elizabeth Roles, The Rev. Robert Berra, The Rev. Erika von Haaren, and Rev. Susie Parker (Deacon)


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Welcome to, our church community’s online expression of our life and mission. If you are looking for a place that feels like home, a place where friends remember your name and become excited when they see you across the patio, a place where members share the value of deep, life-changing faith in Jesus, you’ve come to the right place. All are welcome.