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During the summer of 2020, our annual Mexico Medical Mission was met with challenges. COVID-19 meant that we were unable to send our group of 50 missionaries to Ensenada, Mexico to provide life sustaining medical support and other basic necessities to the people of the region. Our leadership team was heartbroken. Even in the midst of adversity, we were able to provide assistance through funding from Saint Barnabas.

Through the hands and feet of Pastor Ruben and his family, there was a whole lot of love going out to the families of Ensenada anyway.

Pastor Ruben is one of those amazing people who exudes the love of Jesus from his eyes wherever he goes and through his over 40 years of ministry in the Ensenada area, he has built SO many bridges. These relationships allow him to fit resources with needs in a really beautiful way.
Thus, the needs that are being met this month of July by the Saint Barnabas are:
  • bountiful food bags to over 25 families in need
  • operational expense assistance to 2 Christian rehabilitation centers doing amazing work
  • daily homeless ministry providing food/water and smiles of God’s love
This has all been made possible by your willingness to continue funding the efforts of the Saint Barnabas Mexico Medical Mission. We couldn’t do it without you and are SO grateful for your trust, respect, provision and love! You can view a detailed slideshow by clicking here.  Scroll down for photos.

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