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As of June 6, our next phase guidelines for gathering take effect. (Please refer to our complete guidelines here) It is exciting to be able to make these changes, and as we do, we want to continue to uphold our value that “All Are Welcome.” We will continue to protect children and other vulnerable adults in our population who are unable to receive the vaccine. That being said, adults need to wear a mask only if they are not vaccinated, or in the presence of children. Children (ages 2-12) are still required to wear masks.

  • You need to wear a mask if you are not vaccinated.
  • You need to wear a mask in the presence of children.
  • If you attend the 10:30 service, you are still required to wear a mask as it is our main service for families.
  • If you are vaccinated, you have the option to attend the 7:45am service without a mask.

Please scroll down to view the chart for persons ages 12 and up:

Small group leaders can make decisions that will best suit their group or ministry. We understand that these guidelines may not satisfy everyone’s wants and desires, but we hope and pray that this will enable us to move through the next phase of reopening as a united community. We have done a fantastic job protecting our most vulnerable parishioners from the start of the pandemic. We believe that it is important to continue this approach until the vaccine is available to children under 12 while resuming most other normal activities.

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