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Come to Peace

In John’s Gospel, Jesus says to his disciples: “Peace to you, receive the Spirit.” This is our first and primary calling: come to peace. It is a journey of a lifetime of continuing to open ourselves up and fill our hearts with the Holy Spirit. It takes a lifetime to be a manifestation of the divine life as we learn to exhibit tender compassion, forgiveness, mercy, and grace for the human situation.

From the Buddha to Aristotle to Jesus. From Islamic, Hebrew and Christian mysticism, to modern psychology and modern sociology…all of these ideologies agree that the primary calling for us is to come to peace.

The world, especially our country, is facing enormous social challenges. The issues of racism, white privilege, sexual orientation, gender identity issues, sexism, economic disturbances and more are topics that have become hotly debated. In all of it, there is a divisiveness that seems to exacerbate these issues. How can we offer a better vision to the world? The church is called to be the place that holds us together.

The violence in our nation is not separate from us. It is not out there somewhere in the world. It is right here. It is in our self-talk and how we relate to everyone around us. Jesus says to forgive, forgive, forgive. We must forgive ourselves and come to peace. We must forgive others.

Come to peace and then enter into a relationship with the consciousness that connects the whole human family together. Tending to this relationship is how we can influence our society and heal divisions.

How do we make this vision live in our reality? We invite you to join us on Welcome Sunday on September 11, 2022, where together we will discuss practical ways to engage our relationship with God and how we may serve as a healing presence in a hurting world.

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