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Since Christmas, the clergy and staff have noticed that the number of people opting for our ‘Mask Required’ rows has decreased. As we continue through Lent and approach Easter, we expect that we will also see an increase in our overall attendance. Given these impressions of our congregation’s own choices–and given that Maricopa County’s community level of transmission continues to be low—we will be making the following seating adjustment. Effective March 12, there will be one “mask required” pew at the front of the sanctuary, on the south side (the pulpit side) at the 10:15am service. The remaining pews will be “mask optional.”  The 7:45am service will remain “mask optional.” Let us remain committed to supporting each other as we navigate our individual precautions and comfort levels in our gatherings. Questions? Contact The Rev. Robert Berra or call the church office.

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