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Have you ever been curious about how the Bible was actually written, or how different Christian denominations developed? Have you wanted to learn more about the individuals and groups who, through the centuries, contributed most to the formation of the Church as it stands today? Have you wanted to focus more on your own spiritual development and personal ministry? If so, Education for Ministry (EfM) may be for you.

A mini-seminary for lay people

Education for Ministry is a discussion-based program that aims to deepen one’s knowledge and understanding of scripture, the history of Christianity, and current Christian thought with an emphasis on Episcopalianism. We invite you to join us! Seminarians participate in regular theological reflection as a way to utilize their acquired knowledge in their lay vocational calling. We have a group that meets Monday mornings at 9am and another group that meets at 6pm on Tuesday evenings. We will kick off 2021 on January 4 and 5. The deadline to enroll is November 24.

If you are interested in registering or you have questions, please contact Tom Hott or Cynthia McKinley.

Photo Credit: Samantha Sophia