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As part of a network of area churches, we partner with Family Promise and host families who are transitioning out of homelessness for a week at a time, 3-4 times per year, right here at Saint Barnabas. During that week, we provide lodging, all meals, and lots of fellowship and encouragement for Family Promise families and their children. Family Promise is one of only a few programs that work intentionally to keep families together as they experience homelessness, and their model has a 70% success rate.

You can help in lots of ways: plan and/or cook a meal, donate food, stay overnight as a contact in case any needs arise (we prepare you and give you separate sleeping quarters), bring an activity for children to do, play music or a movie to encourage rest and joy, donate travel sizes of toiletries that families can take it with them, or simply be a friend to our guests. Serve and get to know families on their journey back to stability and homeFULness.

Questions? Please contact Jane Gharibian:

Find out more ways to serve. click here.


Thank you, Family Promise Volunteers! May 28-June 4, 2017

Chefs: Cathryn Mayers; Pam Bell; Ann Shannon; Barbara Hucek & Sarah Nolte; Mossie Lierle; Bil Zeleny; Lee & Janet Kolstad


Helpers: Ann von Geldern, Lillian Vancel, Karen Easton(x3), Dena Pepper(x3), Carol Okin, Bil Zeleny, Bonnie Lebeck, Peter Sinclair, Gail Hazelwood, Laurel Kimball, Fran & Jay Harris, Kathi & Pat Rile, Mary & John Stone, Pat Scalzi, Ro Hanna, Pat & Lou Comus, Amy & Tony Bolazina, Mary Lou Luvisa, Ed & Judy Wimmer, Anthea Mannion


Overnight Hosts:  David & Sarah Getts, Sky Larsen,  Marian Green, Bil Zeleny, Ron Bell(x2), Tom Timmer, Suzy & Pat Dodds, Tom Tischer, Ann Shannon.


Set Up: Larry Brainard, Bil Zeleny, Eileen Fiedler, Shirley Adleman, Jim Pfeiffer, Shirley Gabel, and unknown others who stepped in.


Take Down: Bil Zeleny and  Ron Bell

Laundry: Carol Stewart, Emily Shriver, Kim McClintic, Bil Zeleny,

Janet Eliot and un-named others who just came by to help!


Food provided by more than 60 people.

Total more than 128 supporters


Thank you all for making this Family Promise visit a