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Slowing down long enough to notice heaven is right here, right now.

Sunday, March 18, 9am | Hutton Hall

Come to our Sunday forum with James Finley PhD as he discusses Depth Deprivation.

Depth depravation is a common state for most of us. We live in a fast paced often high demand society and It’s easy to miss the sacredness of the life we have been given. Most of us spend the majority of our days skirting around the outer circumference of the inner richness of the life we are living. It seems we usually live in shallow water We  suffer from DEPTH DEPRIVATION.

The problem is we tend not to notice this. Why?    Because when we slow down long enough to catch up with ourselves uncomfortable feelings have a chance to come out of hiding. We don’t want to think about our worries, our regrets, our grief, our longings. We tend to do what ever we can to shove them back down.     But if we brave it…..if we look long enough into that pain, we realize we are NOT suffering from depth deprivation. We realize we are suffering from Depth Avoidance.

So the question here is: How can we learn to move out of shallow water and into the depth of our being? How do we learn to live with a daily and abiding awareness of the God given godly nature of every breath and heartbeat?

That is the question.