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Join us Sunday, January 14 at 9am in Hutton Hall to share what you hope for in our next Bishop! We need to hear your voice so we have the broadest picture of what our new Bishop’s priorities should be for our future as the Diocese of Arizona. All adult faith formation will be cancelled to accommodate this exciting and vital conversation. Our information will be collected and delivered by parish delegates at a regional forum (open to all!) at Trinity Cathedral on January 16 at 6:30pm.

We will discuss the following questions (and more!) at our January 14 forum:

  1. What ministries and ministry skillsets do you think are important for the Bishop Candidates to possess?
  2. Our diocese provides a variety of services to our worship communities and members. What services do you consider to be most important for our future success as a diocese?
  3. What professional attributes do you believe are most important for a Bishop Candidate to possess?
  4. What personal attributes would you hope to find in a Bishop Candidate?

To read the ordination service of a bishop which indicates some of the commitments they make to serve, click here.