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Good Friday | April 10

Stations of the Cross

Premieres below at 12pm PST – Traditional readings and prayers for the 14 stations of the cross.

Many thanks to the generous offerings of our Lay readers: First Station – Sarah Lund Second Station – Dierk Seeburg Third Station – Ellie Izzo Fourth Station – Scott Bartlett Fifth Station – Phyllis Rector Sixth Station – Jaron Kitchel Seventh Station – Sky Larsen Eight Station – Hendrik Seeburg Ninth Station – Kim McClintic Tenth Station – John Lund Eleventh Station – Wynn Maxwell Twelfth Station – Christopher Shivers Thirteenth Station – James Berg Fourteenth Station – Lyla Newman

Produced by Manny Fimbres at Boligogo Design Production.

Good Friday Service

Premieres below at 7pm PST – Recalling the Passion of Jesus Christ.

We observe the Passion of Jesus Christ: the story of his arrest, torture, and crucifixion. It is a somber, dark, day, but is integral to our Christian story because it leads to his resurrection on Easter. Click below to view the bulletin.

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Easter Sunday