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From the Cross to New Life

Holy Week is the time when we remember very specific events in Jesus’ life and ministry.

A fancy name for this week is called the Triduum (trih-dyu-um).

On Palm Sunday, (April 5,  10:15am, ONLINE) we commemorated Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and his crucifixion during the Sunday service. If you missed the service, you can watch it below.

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You can make your own palm crosses at home. Watch the tutorial below by parishioners Sarah Lund and Kelli Johnston:

Maundy Thursday

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Following the Maundy Thursday service, watch The Stripping of the Altar below:

On Maundy Thursday,  we recall Jesus’ greatest commandment to us: to love others as God loves us. We remember the Last Supper and we strip the altar in preparation for the bleakness of…

Good Friday

April 10

Good Friday, when we observe the Passion of Jesus Christ: the story of his arrest, torture, and crucifixion. It is a somber, dark, day, but is integral to our Christian story, because it leads to…The Great Vigil of Easter (scroll down)

Stations of the Cross – Premieres below at 12pm PST

Many thanks to the generous offerings of our Lay readers: First Station – Sarah Lund Second Station – Dierk Seeburg Third Station – Ellie Izzo Fourth Station – Scott Bartlett Fifth Station – Phyllis Rector Sixth Station – Jaron Kitchel Seventh Station – Sky Larsen Eight Station – Hendrik Seeburg Ninth Station – Kim McClintic Tenth Station – John Lund Eleventh Station – Wynn Maxwell Twelfth Station – Christopher Shivers Thirteenth Station – James Berg Fourteenth Station – Lyla Newman

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Good Friday Service – Premieres below at 7pm PST

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The Great Vigil of Easter

April 11, 7pm | via Zoom (click to join)

This unique service takes us literally out of the darkness of the tomb into the new light of Christ. We light the new fire to illustrate how Jesus’ light can never be extinguished fully. We carry the new light into the darkened church where we recall the many ways over time that God has saved us. Then we celebrate the bursting forth from the darkness in the Easter moment. Our youth and children tell stories of God’s salvation through drama and the arts, and our choir provides amazing music. This is the original Easter celebration. One not to be missed!

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