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Saturday September 29th


Foundations of the Practice

Rev. Jim Clark and Liza Bell

Followed by:

Five Tuesday evenings


Beginning Tuesday October 2

“Intimacy with God”


Life is a process of increasing intimacy with God and of relaxing into the present moment by accepting and consenting to whatever is happening, including our thoughts.


The wear and tear of daily life tests the level of our spiritual growth. If we can maintain the peace of mind that is present during the time of prayer in external difficulties and in the feeling of powerlessness, our spiritual maturity is clearly advancing. As we practice centering prayer and learn to listen to the sound of sheer silence something quite sacred is happening. Silence is not the absence of noise but the absence of resistance to God. Fr. Thomas Keating.


The program is ecumenical and free of charge, but registration is required. Please contact Liza Bell at (602) 527-6161 or