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How can I be more Present to the Presence of God in my Life?

Join us to explore the method and fruits of a transformative practice that involves daily rendezvous with God. Centering Prayer centers us on the crossroads of life.

There is, in all of us an inherent desire to know God, to know ourselves, and to know why we are here. The practice of Centering Prayer gradually opens our mind and heart to an abiding experience of God’s oneness with us and all creation. It doesn’t take a long time to notice that our way of ‘doing’ has shifted into a way of ‘being’ a more loving, patient, humble, and accepting presence to ourselves and to others.

Join us to discover a way to be more aware of God’s presence within. Liza Bell & Jim Clark will present an Introduction to Centering Prayer from 9:30am-3:00pm in the Chapel. Following the Saturday program are five Tuesday evening classes from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. The Saturday program provides all the essentials for a regular practice of Centering Prayer, and the following Tuesday evening sessions provide continued training and practice that help to deepen your relationship with God.

The program is ecumenical and free of charge, and registration is required. Please contact Liza Bell at (602) 527-6161 or