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A 4-week series led by our Rector/Senior Pastor Jim Clark beginning September 16 at 9am | Hutton Hall.

View Videos of the Class Here.

This series will introduce the Gospel of John and offer an overview of some of the major themes and characteristics of the Gospel. For those who are interested, following the four-week introduction, there will be an opportunity to join a weekly small group that will study the Gospel of John for the remainder of the program year (October through May). NEW SMALL GROUPS BEGIN OCTOBER 21. TO SIGN UP TODAY CONTACT ANN HOTT AT

These weekly small groups will follow the methodology and format of  The Art of Engaging Holy Scripture (TAEHS), which is the foundational curriculum for adults at Saint Barnabas. In small groups of 8-12 people, we study, pray, and listen to the Scriptures as they speak into our lives. Our Rector, Jim Clark, the author of the curriculum, has spent much of his sabbatical preparing the next installment of the Gospel of John and YOU are invited to come and see.

From the earliest days of the Jesus movement, John’s Gospel was noted for awakening readers to the Holy Spirit. “Virtually every story shows us another aspect of how to be awakened and to grow in the spiritual dimension of our lives,” says Rev. Jim. For four weeks, Rev. Jim will assist us in having conversations with John’s Gospel and in how these conversations can open us to the Holy Spirit. Eminently practical and accessible to everyone, the beginners and the practiced, don’t miss this opportunity to grow your spirituality.

• If you are new to Saint Barnabas, this is an exciting time to jump in.

• If you’ve been doing TAEHS for some time, here’s some new scripture to learn from together with your group.

• If you’ve tried TAEHS previously but for whatever reason dropped out, here’s a new chance for a fresh start.

Join us for an all-parish introduction for four weeks in Hutton Hall at 9am. Not back yet or have to miss a week? No worries! We’ll be filming each installment and you’ll find it on our website! Following the four-week introduction, we’ll break into small groups for continued study throughout the rest of the program year. It’s an exciting time. We look forward to welcoming you (back) into the engagement of the Scripture at Saint Barnabas.