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Jesus’ parables are, perhaps, the most dynamic and memorable of his teaching. Certainly they are the most influential. For though one might not know the whole story of the prodigal son or of the good Samaritan, virtually everyone knows what a prodigal son and a good Samaritan are.

The vivid stories of Jesus’ parables have formative and transformative power for those who have ears to hear. And for those who hope to have ears, listening to the parables creates ears that hear and eyes that see and minds that understand and hearts that follow.

But how does that happen? How does one “hear the parable?” This will be the focus of our series on Jesus’ parables: To learn how to have the ears of a disciple. Led by Jim Clark.

For some who might be interested in learning about our Saint Barnabas core curriculum for adults, The Art of Engaging Holy Scripture (TAEHS), this series on the parables will introduce and use the TAEHS method. And it will involve much more, including study as spiritual practice. Join us!

Led by the Rev. Jim Clark

This class will have Sunday sessions at 9am: Beginning on September 17

Meets at Saint Barnabas in Hutton Hall.