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Philippians: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

With The Rev. Jim Clark

Sundays at 9am | Meets in our Parish Hall and on Z_o_o_m*

The brief letter to the Philippians tells the story of a deep affection between Saint Paul and the fledgling Philippian church. Paul heartfully thanks the Philippians for their generous support and devotion to the Gospel even as he tenderly urges them to remain steadfast in their “Gospel citizenship,” being ever mindful of their unity (“soul-harmony”), humility, generosity, servanthood, joy upon joy, unceasing prayer, and more. As they do, they shine as Lights in a troubled world, and they advance the Gospel.

We will engage Philippians following the method of The Art of Engaging Holy Scripture (taehs). Taehs is a lively, dynamic method of reading, prayer, meditation, study, and sharing that will immerse you in Saint Paul’s message. You will find yourself experiencing the message and being transformed by the Spirit.

No prior experience is needed. All are welcome.

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Questions? Contact The Rev. Robert Berra.


Resources for PHILIPPIANS | Week 1