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A Quiet Day with The Rev. Jim Clark

Saturday, August 13, 9:30 – 1pm | Sanctuary + Z_o_o_m

Always, We Begin Again Again III

With the teaching of Jesus on the Lord’s Prayer and holy silence as our guide, we continue our focus on beginning a practice of awakening to the presence of the Spirit within. If you have not attended the first two sessions of this series, not to worry. We will begin by returning to the beginning again. And if you are among the practiced … always, we begin again again.

“Nothing could be more down-to-earth or more humbling than this boundless Presence, which just is. It doesn’t have to prove itself. It doesn’t have to acquire anything. It just is”. – Thomas Keating

Rest in the peace of God on Quiet Day with Rev. Jim

The contemplative life is actually quite simple and accessible to everyone. It is simply the intention to pause, to be still, and, by faith, to rest in Christ’s presence within. Quiet Day includes reflections by Rev. Jim, quiet solitary time, and sessions of communal silent prayer in the Sanctuary. Participants are welcome to the Sanctuary, to quiet areas for reading or journaling, or to walk our beautiful campus. The day concludes with Holy Eucharist. Please bring your Bible. All are welcome.

 Z_o_o_m credentials are sent via email. Not on our mailing list? Contact Ann Hott if you would like to be included. All are Welcome!

Click below for handouts from previous sessions.

Quiet Day includes teaching, quiet solitary time, and sessions of communal silent prayer. Come to a Quiet Day for an introduction to what the Contemplative Life at Saint Barnabas might offer you, or to sustain you in that life.  The day concludes with Holy Eucharist. Reflections by Jim Clark. Please bring your Bible. All are welcome. Learn More about Quiet Days.