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About Quiet Day

Quiet Day includes teaching, quiet solitary time, and sessions of communal silent prayer in the Sanctuary. Participants are welcome to the Sanctuary, to quiet areas for reading or journaling, or to walk our beautiful campus. Come to a Quiet Day for an introduction to what the Contemplative Life at Saint Barnabas might offer you, or to sustain you in that life.  The day concludes with Holy Eucharist. Reflections by Jim Clark. Please bring your Bible. 9:30am – 1pm in the Sanctuary. All are welcome. Learn More about Quiet Days.

Do you ever feel like finding inner peace is impossible?

While the world carries on and your thoughts continue racing, know this: you can have access to interior peace anytime. Why not give it a try? Learn a 7 minute practice that just might become the best, most productive 7 minutes of your day, every day. This practice of coming to interior quiet can help us find our most energetic, ordered, and clearest self and therefore most productive.