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April 19 – 22

The Beatitudes: Jesus’ Roadmap for the Blessed Life

Have you ever wished you had a map for life? What to do when, where to go next, how to get there? According to the Gospel of Matthew, the Beatitudes provide Jesus’ map for living the blessed life. We’ll explore how this map helps us traverse life with its highways and byways, ups and downs, all while keeping an eye on our destination–which seems almost always to surprise us!

Join us for four comfortable days of rest at Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tucson where Rev. Jim Clark will lead our retreat in individual silence, rest, walking the labyrinth, journaling, and spiritual reading, as well as three periods of shared silence each day in a peaceful, breathtakingly beautiful desert landscape. Scholarships are available. To register, please contact Liza Bell at or (602) 527-6161.


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