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For many people, Summer Camp is a transformative, bonding experience — the positive effects of which can last a lifetime. For over 20 years, Saint Barnabas has partnered with Angel Tree®, a national program of Prison Fellowship, to share God’s love by helping to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the children of prisoners at Christmastime. Realizing how life-changing Summer Camp at Chapel Rock has been for many of our Saint Barnabas children and youth, several years ago we began serving our Angel Tree Christmas children during the summer months by providing scholarships for them to attend Summer Camp.

This life-changing week of fellowship, faith, and friendship is a grounding force for many children who might otherwise be living in the midst of challenge and uncertainty as they suffer the absence of an incarcerated parent. Summer Camp helps to provide confidence-building, joy, faith, encouragement, and friendships that will uphold these children and youth throughout the year.

To learn more, or if you’re interested in providing scholarship monies for even more children to go to camp, contact Kate Fimbres: