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The Saint Barnabas Book & Gift Shop
News, by Saint Barnabas

The Bookstore is currently open on Sunday mornings, from 8:30am to noon. The Saint Barnabas Bookstore, located across the courtyard from the main Sanctuary doors, opened in 1979. Parishioners came together to purchase and install everything from the showcases to the shelving, and the store has been run by a team of volunteers ever since. … Continue reading The Saint Barnabas Book & Gift Shop

Enriching Lives
News, by Saint Barnabas

Churches are among the few places in our society where members of many generations gather together in intentional and sustained relationships. When we make the effort to make the church’s life open to all, wonderful things happen. Children and adults learn the story of our faith in ways that match their developmental stage. We learn … Continue reading Enriching Lives

Military Appreciation
News, by Saint Barnabas

On Sunday, November 6, we honored our Veterans during services and gathered together following the 10:15am service in our Parish Hall to write notes of appreciation to military service members who are hospitalized in the Phoenix Veterans Administration Hospital.  Our “get well soon” wishes and a simple expression of thanks mean so much to these men and women … Continue reading Military Appreciation

Missions & Ministries Festival 2022
News, by Saint Barnabas

Did you know? There are 43 different ways to serve at Saint Barnabas! On Sunday, October 30, the community gathered on our patio for lunch, games and joy. Our Missions and Ministry leaders and teams shared with us call about how they  serve our neighbors in many different ways. From Lay Readers to Choir, from … Continue reading Missions & Ministries Festival 2022

Thank You to Our Delegates
News, by Saint Barnabas

We are grateful to our delegates who represented Saint Barnabas at the annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona in Tucson this weekend: Steve Bartlett​​ • Don Henninger​​ • Sarah Colmark​​ • ​​Amber Leima​​ • Cam DeCaussin​​​​ • Sarah Lund​​ • Jane Gharibian​​ If you see them, be sure to thank them for their … Continue reading Thank You to Our Delegates

Phone Calls for Angel Tree
Spotlight on Ministry, by Saint Barnabas

Gladden your heart this season with our Angel Tree® mission. This national program of Prison Fellowship shares God’s love by helping to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the families of prisoners. When mom or dad is in prison, their children are often the silent sufferers. You can let them know they are not … Continue reading Phone Calls for Angel Tree

Bridging Arizona
News, by Saint Barnabas

Jim and Donna Piscopo are the co-founders of Bridging Arizona, a non-profit dedicated to improving veterans’ lives one bed at a time. For over 20 years, the Piscopos have developed a grassroots model providing donated furniture, both new and gently used, to the large population of veterans who need it. Extending a compassionate helping hand … Continue reading Bridging Arizona

VOLUNTEER at Got Legs Furniture & Decor
News, by Saint Barnabas

We need volunteers – Wednesday through Sunday Our Mission Partner, Bridging AZ Furniture Bank provides Veterans in need with a new full-size bed, basic apartment-size furniture, and more. We need volunteers at our resale shop, Got Legs Furniture & Decor. You can help us assist customers, by arranging vignettes,  performing minor repairs, and setting up … Continue reading VOLUNTEER at Got Legs Furniture & Decor

Welcome Sunday Forum
News, by Saint Barnabas

 Watch the presentation above where Rev. Jim unveiled the year ahead and the many ways our community offers us opportunities to engage our discipleship. You can find details of these opportunities by browsing our website. You can read our Quarterly Magazine that Rev. Jim refers to by clicking here. 

Mexico Medical Mission
News, by Saint Barnabas

Mary Beth Volberding has been active in the Mexico Medical Mission at Saint Barnabas for 17 years. Having always been an avid all-rounder volunteer – and despite “not being a medical person,” as she puts it – Mary Beth became plugged into the medical mission supporting the Mexican village of Ensenada in 2005. She explains … Continue reading Mexico Medical Mission