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Company of Men at Saint Barnabas promotes an environment where men want to connect with a life of faith and be part of the parish community. We seek to develop a professional network of the men of the parish, to offer opportunities for continuous learning in areas of common interest (work/life balance, career development, general knowledge), and to provide an environment for growth in faith for self, family, friends, and other people that enrich our lives. We meet 5-6 times per year for food and drinks (this is a basic need, right?), a networking meet and greet, and to hear speakers on some interesting topics. We also do one service project each year to give back to the parish.

Faith, networking, learning

All men of Saint Barnabas age 21 or older (and their guy friends, neighbors, co-workers, or relatives) are welcome to the group. We value energy, experience, diversity, talent, wisdom and grace in our membership. You don’t have to be a member of Saint Barnabas to be part of this group. We want everyone involved.


Want to join us? We ask that all members of the Company of Men provide information for our directory. Click here to submit information for the directory. Note: This is a private directory that is not shared outside of the group or for solicitation. 

For more information about the Company of Men, please email Rev. Robert.