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Pledge Drive 2021

With deep appreciation and gratitude we receive your financial pledges for 2021. Thank you! Your faithful generosity allows us to continue to do Jesus’ work in the world, and you help us plan our mission and ministry for 2021. Bless you and blessed be God. Our Second Gratitude Sunday was on January 24. If you would like to make a pledge, please click here or call Katie Vinger in the church office at (480) 355-9750. Thank you!

                                             STATUS TO DATE LAST YEAR                      STATUS TO DATE THIS YEAR

Number of Pledges                        438                                                                      346

Total Dollars                                  $1,800,369                                                          $1,495,407

                                             END OF PLEDGE DRIVE LAST YEAR           END OF PLEDGE DRIVE THIS YEAR

Number of Pledges                        438                                                                    ??

Total Dollars                                   $1,801,289                                                        ??

Pledge Now

The mission of the 2021 pledge campaign…

What two things could be more important during this year unlike any other? In spite of all the challenges that 2020 has brought us, we have remained determined to Continue our Mission. Making Disciples is at the heart of who Saint Barnabas is and we haven’t quit! From food and blood drives to webinars for personal growth, from online Quiet Days to a continued Listening Initiative, Saint Barnabas continues to grow and thrive during this pandemic. Thanks be to God! We have sought to stay connected to each other, and this year’s pledge drive offers a new and fun opportunity to do just that through our joyful Parish Post project. We hope you’ll all take part! Scroll down to learn information how you can be part of things AND support your church going into 2021.

We hope you will join us for Gratitude Sunday, on December 13 during our in person or online worship where we will be celebrating the outpouring of love and service we have seen from our Saint Barnabas disciples. Click here to learn more about Gratitude Sunday.