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Set Design: Be part of creating stage scenery and props. This class will produce the backdrop for the final performance of camp.

Choir Chimes: If you can count to 4, you can play a choir chime! You will learn to read your two notes and when to ring the chime with new friends. Come learn to play this unique musical instrument that looks like a big tuning fork with a clapper. (Helping Hands: grades K-1)

Dance: Use your body to express yourself through the music of our final performance. Work with a group of great dancers with various styles of dance woven together. (Helping Hands: grades K-1)

Choir: Do you love to sing? This is your opportunity to sing in a group that will focus on the best ways to sing together with expression, phrasing, diction, and more. If you like to sing along with the radio, in the shower, or all through the day, then this ensemble is for you.

Drama: The drama ensemble will work together to lead our production with dialogue and emotion. Learn how to be yourself, how to interact with others, and how to experience the world around you in new ways through the ancient art of theater. Use this opportunity to develop your dramatic tendencies for an audience.


Band in a Box: Learn about instruments from around the world and make your own replicas of these instruments using mostly found objects!  At the end of the week you will have your own Band in a Box to take home with you! (Helping Hands: grades K-1)

Messy Art: This class focuses on exploration with materials that often result in both an enjoyable process and a product that will be admired. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty as you create! (Helping Hands: grades K-1)

Juggling: Learn some basic juggling skills. Juggle two or three things on your own and possibly five with a friend. Take home some juggling sacks and “do your homework.”

Face Painting: Paint your arm, paint a face, paint your friend’s face—try out some different techniques that are easy and look great.

Boom Whackers: What is a boom whacker? It’s a wacky tubular instrument where you hit something to make a sound. It’s fun and colorful and easy to play. Come and be wacky with us!

Creative Drama: We will use our bodies, our voices, and our imaginations to explore the creativity hiding in each one of us. Be ready to jump into lots of activities designed to bring out your inner actor. From silly camp skits to theater games, we’ll have fun all week! Bring your imaginations!

Duct Tape Art: Come make fun, impressive, useful items out of designer duct tape. Possible projects include wallet, lanyard, jewelry, bookmark, pouch, earbud case, and flowers. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

Science Art: Explore art and science as they intersect. Cook up some homemade rock candy. Grow your own crystals. Build a volcano and then make it erupt. Mix up a batch of magnetic slime.  Assemble a lava lamp. You might even make bubbles that bounce!

Ukulele:* Did you know the 4 strings of a ukulele are the same as the top four strings of a guitar?! We will lend you a baritone ukulele to use as we learn a few basic chords and a bit of finger picking. Then you can continue learning ukulele or have the beginning skills to transfer to a guitar! Best of all, we will perform at our closing program!

Origami:* The Japanese first used origami to teach young ladies to fold their kimonos.  Now it’s a wonderful art form- folding a variety of objects out of a square of paper, no cutting, no glue!  Join us as we start with easy projects like a pinwheel, a candy dish, then a crane, a Christmas ornament, and even a surprise item from Star Wars!

Organ Session: Saint Barnabas is fortunate to have two excellent pipe organs. If a camper has had piano lessons, even for a short time, this is a great opportunity for an organ “lesson.”  Explore the sounds and creative possibilities of the organ with Marion, who started as an organist in high school and has been in music ministry for many years. (1 time lesson at 8:30am; only 5 individual sessions available)

 *Best for kids entering 5th grade and Junior Counselors.


Class List

Set design

Creative Drama
Face Painting
Duct Tape Art
Science Art
Band in a Box
Cake Decorating
Organ Session

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Project Time Classes
Personalized Tote Bag
T-shirt Decorating


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