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JAM (Jesus and Me), Saint Barnabas’ friendship program for 5-7th graders, has brought me closer to the presence of the Lord. All the things we do bring us closer to Jesus and everything we do grows us spiritually. The JAM sleepovers are especially fun and also very moving and spiritual to me. Other JAM events, such as cooking for others, Christmas Angel shopping, and feeding the homeless make me feel closer to God. JAM gives me a great deal of happiness and strengthens my belief in the Lord because it tells me of the good news of Jesus Christ and allows me have fun with the Lord and my friends. JAM has allowed me to learn that the Lord is with me all the time, and has given me time to spend more time in the presence of the Lord.

Jesus and Me (JAM) exists to create meaningful, supportive and influential friendships for 5th-7th graders.
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