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Our Communications Ministry is focused on connecting, inspiring, informing and inviting through the art of storytelling. Living in God’s ever-changing world, we adapt and grow while continuing to stay focused on our mission to make disciples. Although the way in which we connect and share our stories may evolve, one thing remains the same, our life-giving community continues to build authentic relationships and invite others with profound welcome. This is who we are. Over and over again, we return to our call to live in love as Christ has loved us. Communications at Saint Barnabas supports this mission using digital and print media. We need you to help us do our good work!

The best way to help succeed is to follow our submission guidelines. Please click here to review the best practices you need to ensure the Communications Department has all they need to promote your ministry/event effectively. Just want to share a story? Scroll down to submit your experience with us. Want to read our publications? Scroll down a little further to get connected.



Share a story!

Did you have fun helping out around Saint Barnabas? Perhaps a friend did something nice for you when you needed help. Maybe you love singing in the choir and want to share your joy! Let’s share the love. Submit your story here and we will consider sharing it on our social media and beyond.



We need your details! Click above to fill out the form and our communications team will use our expertise to advertise your event as it fits best with our overall Communications plan. Please be sure you’ve reviewed our guidelines and deadlines (click here).



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The more you can help us help you–the better! The best way to help succeed in sharing your news is to follow our submission guidelines.