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SERMON: The Least Expected – December 9, 2018
Sermons, by The Rev. Erika von Haaren

Message from Bishop Smith & Bishop-Elect Reddall
News, by Saint Barnabas

Advent I, 2018 To our Brothers and Sisters in Christ: “Then Joseph got up, took the child and his mother by night, and went to Egypt…” Matthew 3:14 At Christmas, we encounter the story of a family in migration from persecution. Joseph acts at the behest of an angel, is motivated by love, and saves … Continue reading Message from Bishop Smith & Bishop-Elect Reddall

SERMON: Good Shepherd King – November 25, 2018
Sermons, by The Rev. Elizabeth Roles

Christmas Cards for the Military
News, by Saint Barnabas

Christmas Cards for the Military  The Episcopal Church Women are collecting 3000 Christmas cards to be sent to our military in Christmas care packages. Please drop off  unused cards to the church. Any questions, please email Shirley Adelmann at or call 480-991-5466. Thank you!

SERMON: Let Him Bleed! – November 4, 2018
Sermons, by The Rev. Jim Clark

In observance of All Saints Sunday, a special choir performance follows the reading of the Gospel. To listen to the sermon, go to 9:10 in the video.  

Donations Needed
News, by Saint Barnabas

Donations Needed! Food Drive for Saint Luke’s As a community of generous disciples, we have an opportunity to help our sister parish, Saint Luke’s at the Mountain Episcopal Church, stock their farmer’s market/mobile food pantry and feed over 200 families a month. We are collecting canned and dry nonperishable foods. Donations can be left in … Continue reading Donations Needed