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Sermon | Sunday, March 19, 2023
News, by The Rev. Jim Clark

Seeking Director of Operations
News, by Saint Barnabas

Do you know someone who desires to apply their skills to a warm and encouraging team committed to making disciples? We are seeking a part-time Director of Operations to support a community that is dedicated to encouraging all people to seek the Boundless Presence of the divine, wherever they are on their faith journey. Saint … Continue reading Seeking Director of Operations

Sermon | Sunday, March 12, 2023
News, by The Rev. Jim Clark

Bulletin Insert – March 12
News, by Saint Barnabas

News, by Saint Barnabas

Since Christmas, the clergy and staff have noticed that the number of people opting for our ‘Mask Required’ rows has decreased. As we continue through Lent and approach Easter, we expect that we will also see an increase in our overall attendance. Given these impressions of our congregation’s own choices–and given that Maricopa County’s community … Continue reading AN ADJUSTMENT TO OUR COVID-BASED SEATING

Sermon | Sunday, March 5, 2023
News, by The Rev. Robert Berra

God is Holding Me All the Way
Spotlight on Ministry, by Saint Barnabas

Liza Bell has been involved in Contemplative Life Ministries at Saint Barnabas for the last 15 years. A central practice of contemplative life is that of centering prayer. Liza explains that this practice is all about learning to be present to the moment. “It’s changed my life, and I’ve watched it change the lives of … Continue reading God is Holding Me All the Way

Sermon | Sunday, February 26, 2023
News, by The Rev. Jim Clark

God’s Yes and No
Sermons, by Saint Barnabas

Celebrating Absalom Jones
News, by Saint Barnabas

Celebration of Absalom Jones  “What we do for the African American community benefits everybody. Anything that knocks down barriers is a good thing.” -Br. Lee Hughes, OP Bl. (Blessed) Absalom Jones holds a special place in history as a pioneer in civil liberty and service. Born into slavery in Delaware in 1746, Jones purchased freedom for his … Continue reading Celebrating Absalom Jones