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Worship is at the heart of who we are at Saint Barnabas. Episcopalians say that if you want to understand what we’re all about, come worship with us. For all who gather here, we want to provide a meaningful worship experience and a connection point with God and with themselves.

Come worship with us.

Service Times & Descriptions

All are invited to worship with us every Sunday at Saint Barnabas. We offer several distinct worship options:


For those seeking less music, more traditional language, and a smaller congregation. Takes place in the Sanctuary.


For those seeking grand Anglican and classical music, contemporary language, a welcoming experience for children, and a more vibrant worship experience.Takes place in the Sanctuary.


A contemplative service that incorporates chanted music, silence, and a very connected, subdued experience. It begins at 10:21am (!) because we use a time-delay recording system to project the sermon from the main 10:15am service into the 10:21 service, thereby assuring that the whole community receives the same messaging each Sunday. The service takes place in our beautiful Gwen Harris Music Center during the program year (September – May).

Children’s Chapel

For children ages 3-11. This service includes music, movement, prayers, and a gospel story in age-appropriate language. Runs concurrently with the first half of the 10:15/10:21 services. Parents welcome but not required. Takes place in the Chapel.

Toddler Time

For ages 18 months-3 years. This service involves songs and music, and is more exploratory to meet the developmental needs of this age group. Runs concurrently with the first half of the 10:15/10:21 services. Parents welcome but not required. Takes place in the Children’s Center.


For those seeking a quieter service, with contemporary language and a more brief, intimate worship experience without music. This service is usually 30-45 minutes long. Takes place in the Chapel.

Get answers to questions about weekend worship services.

There are many ministries that work together to make worship happen each week. As our Senior Pastor, Jim Clark, likes to say, “It’s the greatest show put on every week without a rehearsal!” We will be happy to train you so you can quickly try out service opportunities with different ministries; you aren’t locked in for life!

We invite you to try various things until you find how God is calling you to serve. You can learn more through our Worship Ministries page.

If you have any questions about our worship services, please contact The Rev. Elizabeth Roles.