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At Saint Barnabas, if you say you’re a member, you’re a member! All are welcome in our parish family, and everyone is invited to join us in passing on the life-giving love of Jesus. As you strengthen your faith and your life in Christ, we invite you to actively engage as a member of Saint Barnabas, and to strengthen your connections in our community through:

Regular Attendance

We gather each Sunday to be nourished and sent into the world. Being a member means making worship with your church family a regular part of your week.

Faith Formation

God calls each of us to an ever-deepening sense of God’s love and presence in our lives, relationships, and work. To be a member of Saint Barnabas is to grow more fully into who God has called you to be.


We are called to join our faith to God’s mission of reconciling the world. Being a member means giving our lives in service for those in need, and transforming the unjust structures of the world.


We are stewards of many God-given gifts. Being a member means giving generously in response to God’s goodness in our lives. Saint Barnabas needs your financial pledge to support our shared mission.


As a community, we exist not only for ourselves but for all those who do not yet have a faith community. To be a member is to tell the story of Saint Barnabas and to invite others to join us.

Interested in diving deeper? Attend Newcomer Orientation.

You can also contact The Rev. Robert Berra about membership, or fill out the form below.

Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church

6715 North Mockingbird Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85253 | Phone (480) 948-5560

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