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Office Hours

Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm

Saint Barnabas is a community where reverence for the Episcopal Christian tradition meets the courageous notion that all are welcome without exception. The architecture, art, and music of our grounds are a celebration of our heritage of faith and a reflection of our 60-year dedication to community, beauty, generosity, renewal, and growth. A vibrant mixture of buildings, desert landscape, and green space, our grounds echo the beauty and grace of Scottsdale and the desert while providing spaces for worship, music, fellowship, reflection, education, celebration, prayer, service, and rest. Saint Barnabas is a place where you can feel God’s presence—walk through our grounds and let God’s love and grace surround you.

Through the service and generosity of many in our family, Saint Barnabas’ grounds have grown beyond our Sanctuary to include a parish hall, kitchen, book and gift shop, memorial garden, labyrinth, playground, coffee shop, fountains, state-of-the-art music facilities, and centers for children and for learning.

Our diverse and expansive physical footprint reflects what we at Saint Barnabas are all about—spiritual tradition meets innovation and open-mindedness. All are welcome in this sacred space, people of all faiths or no faith—no exceptions.

Find more in-depth information about our grounds below.

Book & Gift Shop

Our bookstore has been operating for over 30 years and is currently open on Sunday mornings with a wide selection of books, greeting cards, and gifts from all over the world. If you’re looking for that perfect something for a loved one you’re sure to find it here! From Episcopal neckties to Books of Common Prayer to handcrafted nativity scenes to children’s gifts, our bookstore staff has lovingly and carefully hand-picked only the best things to offer. You’ll also find books here that have been referenced in sermons, classes, and other venues by our clergy.

Bookstore Hours
(Bookstore is staffed by volunteers. Please call the office ahead of your visit! Thank you.)

  • Sundays 8:30am – 12:30pm


Fine Arts Tours

We offer our grounds tours at certain times throughout the year as well as by appointment; contact us for more information about the next tour or in order to book an appointment.

Our Community Partners

Saint Barnabas offers space for family and neighbors from our community. Many local groups utilize our grounds:

A number of other private groups and classes meet here too. Interested in hosting a group or a class at Saint Barnabas? Inquire here.

Access for visitors with disabilities

We are happy to offer wheelchair accessibility throughout our grounds and listening assistance in both the Sanctuary and Hutton Hall (set your hearing aid to “T coil”).

Hearing Assisted Listening Devices Available

Studies show that one in three people have difficulty understanding what is being said in church. When our Sanctuary was renovated, a new sound system was installed with an induction loop system and personal FM receivers made available. Both the loop system and the receivers aid the listener to hear the spoken word with perfect clarity without the interference of ambient noise or reverberations in the room.

With the loop system, you only have to set your hearing aid to “T coil.” If you do not know whether this is built into your aid, check with your hearing aid provider. All but the smallest ones are equipped with this device and may just need to be activated to work with our system. If you are considering purchasing hearing aids, consider ones that have the “T coil” in them. Using the telephone with a “T coil” also gives clear understanding for the listener.

To use the FM system, simply pick up a personal receiver along with an over-the-ear device (available in the narthex/or ask an usher). Simply place the ear piece over the ear (the flat piece goes towards the face) and then turn up the volume to a comfortable listening level.


We have designated guest parking in the south section of our parking lot next to the bell tower, but you’re welcome to park anywhere. There are parking spaces on all four sides of the grounds, including covered parking in the east section. We have our grounds maps posted at each main entrance to the campus to help you find your way.

The Sanctuary

The heart of our grounds, our Sanctuary serves as the parish’s central worship space and is used throughout the year for Sunday worship services, weddings, and memorial services, along with music concerts and other gatherings. The architecture features graceful arches and high ceilings along with a breathtaking mosaic titled “Wondrous Love.” This unique work of art outlines the organ’s pipes with beautiful stained glass and frames the altar with dramatic color, providing a uniquely inspiring backdrop for Sunday worship.

Did You Know:
Our Sanctuary was formerly adorned with a remarkable piece of art called
Ode to Joy.
Click Here for the Ode to Joy page.

Saint Barnabas Prayer Station

The Jim Clark Contemplative Chapel

Our Chapel offers an intimate, prayerful space adorned with a combination of Renaissance art and contemporary Mediterranean furnishings. This space is used most often for worship and quiet prayer. If you are seeking a place for quiet prayer and reflection, we invite you to consider the Chapel. It is available Sunday mornings but if you wish to pray in the Chapel at another time, we will be happy to make arrangements for you. Please call the church office.


Located in the east section of our grounds, our Labyrinth serves to deepen lives in prayer, meditation, and solace.

Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden of Saint Barnabas is a serene and meaningful place that some saints of this parish have made their eternal home. Founding families and recent members alike have purchased plots in the Garden to continue their legacy as faithful members of Saint Barnabas. This beautiful, peaceful venue is open to regular visitation by loved ones.

To learn more about making the Saint Barnabas Memorial Garden the final resting place for you or someone you love, please contact our office.

Weddings on the Desert: Marriage

What a gift it is to celebrate the marriage between two individuals who have found each other and desire to make a public commitment to sharing their lives together in love. Do you feel called to hold your wedding ceremony at Saint Barnabas? We invite you to worship with us and get to know us and our physical space so you feel comfortable with Saint Barnabas and excited about hosting the start of your married life here. For more information about hosting your wedding at Saint Barnabas, please visit our weddings page or contact Katie Vinger.

Special Services

Saint Barnabas observes and celebrates all of the sacraments of the church including baptism, confirmation, marriage, reception, and memorial services/intermentsShare your life in faith with us.

Bell Tower (The Carillon)

Saint Barnabas is the home of Arizona’s only carillon, a distinctive instrument housed in a bell tower and played using a keyboard. Located in the southwest corner of our grounds, our 25-bell carillon plays electronically on the hour from 9am to 6pm daily. On Sundays, the carillon is played manually prior to the 10:15am church service. Stop by early and enjoy the beautiful sounds of this unique instrument.


We have space – you have an event, celebration, or meeting. Let us help you find the perfect place to gather for whatever God is moving you toward. We can’t promise universal availability, but we’ll try our hardest to help you find your place.

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