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Did you know? Including Saint Barnabas in your will doesn’t only mean leaving us millions of dollars for it to be worthwhile. It is sometimes easy to feel like “what can my small gift do?” In fact, gifts large and small that are given with love and faithfulness make an enormous difference in the life and ministry we enact for God’s world. We know that your gift comes from a place of generosity and from a belief that Saint Barnabas is making God’s world a better place and that we can continue to do so in the lives of all those who will come after us. We invite you to join us in committing to that future.

We are always updating the membership list and want to make sure we have included all who have provided for Saint Barnabas in their wills or estate planning. Please indicate below if you are a present member of The Barnabas Legacy Society or if you have provided for Saint Barnabas in your estate planning but have not notified us of your planning.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact our Legacy Chair, Lou Comus.

To learn more about ways to include Saint Barnabas in your giving,
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Barnabas Legacy Society

Are you a member of the Barnabas Legacy Society? If not, would you like to become one?