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Your family is welcome here.

We know it’s not easy to get everyone up and out the door on Sunday mornings. We know that as parents, you probably face some resistance from your children from time to time (or even regularly!). But we also know that those same kids who resist, often resist leaving at the end of a Sunday morning. And as parents ourselves, we hope that it’s worth it for you to get here.

Nurture your own faith to strengthen you for the week, give your children a solid foundation of faith in a God who loves them with no exceptions, and give your whole family a community who will welcome you, just as you are.

Check out our upcoming events to see what kinds of events are coming up for your family. We have great children’s Sunday School, meaningful youth outreach projects where they can make a difference, and family fun events regularly to get together and play.

The Rev. Robert Berra

Associate Rector

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