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Assisted Listening Devices Available

Saint Barnabas has a superb sound system, with an induction loop system for hearing aid users. There are also personal FM receivers available. Ask an usher at Sunday services for assistance.

“He that hath ears to hear let him hear.” – Matthew 11:15

Studies show that one in three people have difficulty understanding what is being said in church. When our Sanctuary was renovated, a superb new sound system was installed with an induction loop system and personal FM receivers available. Both the loop system and the receivers aid the listener in hearing scripture, prayers, announcements, etc., with perfect clarity without the interference of ambient noise or reverberations in the room.


With the loop system, you only have to set your hearing aid to “T coil”. If you do not know whether this is built into your aid, check with your hearing aid dispenser. All but the smallest ones are equipped with this device and it may just need to be activated to work with our new system. If you are considering purchasing hearing aids, consider ones that have the T coil installed. There is a looping system in the sanctuary, Lincoln Hall (Music Center), and Hutton Hall. The system in Hutton Hall is most effective when you sit in the north section.


To use FM System, simply pick up a personal receiver along with an over-the-ear device (available in the narthex). Ushers are available to assist you at Sunday worship services. Simply place the earpiece over the ear and then turn up the volume to a comfortable listening level.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Mary Lou Luvisa by email HERE or call 480-991-5854.


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