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Below you will find fresh opportunities to take root, growing in intimacy with God and the saints of Saint Barnabas…knowing and being known. These opportunities include offerings from both our Faith Formation ministries as well as our Contemplative Life ministries. We hope you will be inspired to go deeper with your spiritual life this season.

Faith Formation groups, our unique take on Sunday School, are full of opportunities to strengthen and nourish your faith. Unlike the model of Christian education that focuses on informing the mind, Faith Formation is an acknowledgment that we don’t stop growing in our faith when we graduate from children’s Sunday School.

Our whole lives are continually being formed by our discipleship journey, so we continuously explore our faith to grow more deeply into the people that God made us to be. At Saint Barnabas, we do this through small groups, Bible study, conversation, and prayer. Faith Formation is woven into every activity we offer for children and youth; both the “spoken” and “unspoken” lessons center on an active friendship with God, the stories of Jesus, and the loving action of the Holy Spirit.


Quiet Days

Quiet Days

Introduction to Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer

Silent Retreat

Fall Silent Retreat

EFM | Education for Ministry

EFM | Education for Ministry

Exploring Poetry as a Spiritual Practice

The ART of Engaging Holy Scripture

TAEHS | The ART of Engaging Holy Scripture

Listening 'til the Listening Starts; Discovering Common Ground

Listening ’til the Listening Starts

The Episcopal Way

The Episcopal Way

The Spirituality of World Religions