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There is, in all of us, an inherent desire to know God, to know ourselves, and to know why we are here. In our search for God, many of us have found the ancient Christian practice of centering prayer to be of great help. In the silence of the prayer, we intend to open ourselves to the Holy Spirit’s transformative action in our mind and heart. The practice of centering prayer is at the heart of all of our contemplative living ministries at Saint Barnabas.

We host four weekly online centering prayer groups. Those who have a practice of silence, be it centering prayer or any other form of meditation, may find our groups to be nourishing. There is no commitment necessary, and you can drop in anytime. Each group offers a period of communal silence, a time to go deeper into contemplative teachings, and a time to listen and share without the distraction of cross talk. Facilitated by long-time practitioners of centering prayer, the groups are structured simply and led with gentleness.

For additional information, to get the online links to use, or to determine if these groups are a fit for you, contact one of the group facilitators listed below. All are welcome.

Saint Barnabas offers 3 Silent retreats yearly:

For more information, contact Debbie Moore at (508) 942-8953 

Save the date for our Fall 2022 Retreat!

Fall intensive Silent Retreat * | Solitude and silence in community. | With Liza Bell

November 3-6 2022 | Redemptorist Renewal Center, Tucson, AZ

Registration opens September 26, 2022

Previous silent retreat attendance is a prerequisite for registration.

The fall intensive retreat is designed for those with a well-established daily practice of Centering Prayer, or a similar daily practice of silence/meditation. Each day includes three 1 hour periods of Centering Prayer with walking meditation and evening compline.  Silence is honored throughout each day, including mealtime, giving participants a sacred place to attend to the longings of their hearts and welcome God’s healing presence. A time for joy and renewal, the retreat includes ample time to walk the labyrinth, explore the beauty of the desert, read, journal, or simply rest. The opportunity to share one’s thoughts will be a joyful part of our closing ceremonies on Sunday.

Three healthy and delectable meals a day are offered, and the dining room is always open for coffee/tea, water bottle refills, and fresh fruit. Both single and shared room options are available.

Spiritual direction and massage are available by appointment.

For more information, contact Debbie Moore at (508) 942-8953 


ALL ARE WELCOME | Thank you for your patience with our safety first choice to postpone.

Liza Bell

Online Centering Prayer Groups AT A GLANCE

Tuesday mornings at 9:00 am. Contact Heather Heroldt

Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm. Contact Debbie Moore

Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm. Contact Liza Bell

Friday Mornings at 9:00 am. Contact Heather Heroldt


The Centering Prayer method is taught at Saint Barnabas in programs consisting of an all-day Saturday workshop conducted by our Rector, The Rev. Jim Clark, and Liza Bell and five evening sessions that provide continued training. These programs are ecumenical–anyone who is interested in learning more about this practice is welcome to register to attend. This all-day workshop is followed by five evening sessions that provide continued training, and an invitation to participate in one of our weekly Centering Prayer groups. Please contact Liza Bell  for more information or for the schedule of upcoming trainings.


We also have several Centering Prayer groups that meet weekly to support one another in the practice of Centering Prayer. Weekly groups each begin with 20 minutes of centering prayer, followed by a video presentation or literature study featuring topics relevant to living a life grounded in the abiding presence of God in all things. All centering prayer groups currently meet online through zoom. ALL are welcome. Questions? Contact Liza Bell.

To find additional centering prayer groups, retreats and contemplative life resources in the valley click here

For more information about Centering Prayer, or to volunteer to help with room set-up for Centering Prayer groups, please contact Liza Bell.