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Annual Meeting 2017
News, by The Rev. Erika von Haaren

  Click Here to Read our 2017 Annual Report.   Watch the video of our 2017 Annual Meeting here:

MY STORY: Bil Zelany
Stories, by Saint Barnabas

Greeter Ministry
Spotlight on Ministry, by The Rev. Nick Roosevelt

  “May I Help?” If you visit Saint Barnabas, you might have heard or seen these words as you entered the church campus. Welcome is a part of everything we hope to be at Saint Barnabas, witnessing to the Jesus who welcomed all. We recently launched a new approach that goes beyond the general feeling … Continue reading Greeter Ministry

Choral Music
Spotlight on Ministry, by The Rev. Erika von Haaren

  Love choral music? Saint Barnabas features multiple choral opportunities for all ages. Wednesday night children’s music gives more than 35 children to opportunity to gather weekly in the Saint Barnabas community, which continually encourages their faith formation through music and education. Children learn together how to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and … Continue reading Choral Music

Spotlight on Ministry, by The Rev. Erika von Haaren

*Pictured: having some fun together on the Assistance League bus at the Saint Barnabas Missions Festival on October 30! Missions & Outreach at Saint Barnabas have always been a priority. We believe that our discipleship is best expressed in service to others in God’s Kingdom and we do that in a wide variety of ways. … Continue reading Missions/Outreach

MY STORY: Jane Parkinson
Stories, by Saint Barnabas

Coffee Hour Task Force
Spotlight on Ministry, by The Rev. Nick Roosevelt

Beginning last Advent, a Coffee Hour Task Force was formed to help build a meaningful extension of the community in worship to a community of fellowship. Under the leadership of Saint Barnabas members Bill Symonds and Amy Benjamin, volunteers offered recommendations and piloted several initiatives that have born great fruit (pun intended) for our coffee … Continue reading Coffee Hour Task Force

MY STORY: Joyce Vidal
Spotlight on Ministry, by Saint Barnabas

MY STORY: Alex Shivers
Stories, by Saint Barnabas

The Artist’s Way of the Cross: Heather Heroldt
Stories, by The Rev. Elizabeth Roles

Artist: Heather Heroldt Medium: Japanese temari (te means “hand,” and mari means “ball”). Temari is an ancient Japanese heritage craft, originating as early as 538 to 710 A.D. Station: Jesus in the tomb ARTIST’s STATEMENT When choosing the station I wanted to depict, I spent a lot of time thinking about all the times I … Continue reading The Artist’s Way of the Cross: Heather Heroldt