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Our brand is more than our logo. It is a design scheme made up of a number of core elements and guiding principles that combine to create a distinctive look and feel that is immediately recognizable as Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church.

This guide will help to familiarize you with the core brand elements to assist you in designing and producing dynamic and powerful communications with a degree of flexibility. If unsure, contact our Communications Manager, Manny Fimbres. Thank you!


  • Saint Barnabas or Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church (for publicity)
  • The Episcopal Parish of Saint Barnabas on the Desert (legal)

Did you know…?

SAINT is always spelled out: S-A-I-N-T

Please Avoid:

• St. Barnabas

• St. Barnabas on the Desert

• St. Barnabas on the Desert Episcopal Parish

• St. B’s.

In all public communications and marketing, please avoid abbreviations or combinations of the church’s public and legal names.


Headings: Download Oswald Light

Style guides for Headings:

• Always use ALL-CAPS for headings

• Use Loose spacing or 150 kerning

Paragraph and Body: Download Cardo


Our logo is the most visible element of our identity—a universal signature across all Saint Barnabas communications. It’s a symbol of commonality that unites our diverse ministries. We use the same logo in print, on screen, and on the side of our buildings.



The logo is made up of two elements: the symbol and the logotype. Where possible, our slogan Boundless Presence may appear alongside our logo. The logo and/or slogan should not be altered from their original form in the files below. This includes distortions to proportions or typefaces. Please hold the shift key while resizing the logo in order to avoid distortion.

The horizontal orientation of our logo is recommended for instances of limited space where the logotype cannot sit under the symbol.

Download Logo

Two color ways are available for use in internal and external media:

  1. White color logo with the official Saint Barnabas blue color as the background.
  2. Grey color logo with white color as the background.
Download Grey Logo
Download Grey Logo with Slogan
Download Grey Horizontal Logo
Download Grey Horizontal Logo with Slogan


Designer’s notes: for flexibility in print and digital media, a white color logo may also be used with one of the other official Saint Barnabas colors as a background or with a photo as a background. Furthermore, the logo can appear in any of the official Saint Barnabas colors with a white background.

Clear space

To ensure the integrity and legibility of the logo lock-ups, the area directly surrounding them should be protected. Clear space minimums are built into the logo files.


When possible, please use white or one of the official Saint Barnabas colors as the background color for the Saint Barnabas logo.


Download Color Guide