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Artist: Heather Heroldt

Medium: Japanese temari (te means “hand,” and mari means “ball”). Temari is an ancient Japanese heritage craft, originating as early as 538 to 710 A.D.

Station: Jesus in the tomb


When choosing the station I wanted to depict, I spent a lot of time thinking about all the times I feel like I am “searching” for Jesus in my day-to-day life. How do I know where he is? In my own experiences in TAEHS, one answer I often reflected on was that the three days that Jesus was in his tomb was one fleeting point in time His followers, and we, might have “known” exactly where He was, and His one moment of rest in His own journeys for us. I think of the 12 centers around this sphere as representative of all of us, looking towards our center, Jesus, surrounding Him while He rests, wrapped in the fibers of the labor of our hands, His tomb cradled in a garden. Our own travels spiral one way, and then another, often opposite, in paths that nevertheless form a pattern He always sees, and cherishes.

Conversation with the Artist


About The Rev. Elizabeth Roles

Associate Priest at Saint Barnabas. A priest since 2006, I value the joy and challenge of life in the Body of Christ. Happiness is reading Anthony Trollope novels, singing Southern harmony hymns, and exploring the outdoors with my son.