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As so many of you know, I am a Minnesota-girl, born and bred. It’s always been the home of my heart. When the election process for their 10th bishop opened this summer, I was on sabbatical and not thinking about a new call at all. I prayed for them and trusted the Holy Spirit would provide them who they needed. However, when the slate of candidates was announced in late November, I had quite the opposite reaction! “Wait, I said, I love those people! I want to serve them!” This sort of reaction is why there is what’s called a Petition Process. This is essentially a ‘nominations-from-the-floor’ process but done in advance so that qualifications can be determined for additional candidates. So I petitioned to be included in the election, as did two other candidates. So there are now 5 of us in the running to be elected the next bishop of Minnesota. The week of January 13, Alex and I will be in Minnesota for their candidates’ roadshow to meet people and get to know the diocese better. The election for the next bishop will occur on January 25. I ask you for your prayers not just for me and my family as we discern this call, but also for the Episcopal Church of Minnesota as they listen for the guidance of the Holy Spirit! It has been you, during my ministry here of the past 13.5 years, that have prepared me to run for this election, and so I hope you know how grateful I am to you for all the ways you’ve loved and formed me over these years. Even if I don’t get elected, I’ve gotten to live deeply in the courage that you have helped me to grow, and for that, it’s all been worth it, and I’ll be delighted to continue serving as your Vicar until God says otherwise!


Thank you, beloveds.


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