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Summer Music + Arts Camp is an opportunity for kids ages 3 through those entering 6th grade to explore the world of fine arts and creativity with Saint Barnabas where all are welcome. Gently faith-based, this one-week camp is filled with fun and engaging activities focusing on the creative process. This year, we have the pleasure of learning about this experience from our Lead Junior Counselor, Rachel Williams. Scroll down to read:

This year was my first year ever attending Summer Music + Arts Camp at Saint Barnabas. It was truly an amazing experience. Sarah Petersen had asked me to be a Room Leader in Room 4 and the Lead Junior Counselor because I was going into high school. She also asked me to play the role of “Bobby” for the daily lesson videos. These videos were fun and taught the kids about the metaphor of building their life on a foundation of love. I had to say yes to Ms. Sarah because it sounded like a ton of fun and it was.

As lead Junior Counselor (JC’s), my responsibility was to make sure all the JCs were doing well and being encouraged. On both Monday and Friday, I gave them cards telling them how great they were and how awesome they were going to be as helpers that week. As a Room Leader, I got to help lead my room in lessons, help them during music and culinary, and just see them grow.


I got to play with my campers and make sure that they were having fun. I got to see them make friends and play with each other.


All the kids were so creative in art by making their own patterns for their string and wire art projects, by painting their toolboxes uniquely to them and just in general showing their uniqueness. I am so grateful that I was able to come for a week and help out and will definitely do it again next year!

And I will build my life upon Your Love; it is a firm foundation.

This quote from the song “Build My Life” summarizes what this year’s camp was about. At camp, the theme was Under Construction: Building a House on Love. We had a foundation made of love, walls and roof of protection, electricity representing shining your light into the world, plumbing to clean out the grime in your heart, and the final details that make you who you are!


This theme was amazing because it was able to be taught to all the age levels. It taught the kids what they should have in their lives. Each camper received their own set of real tools and made a wooden toolbox that they were able to take home at the end of the week. They got to express themselves in all of the art and culinary projects. No matter what time you would enter a room, you could see how much fun all the kids would be having. You could see the passion of the leaders pouring out into the kids. Everyday kids would make more friends and hammer into their creativity!

Rachel Williams

Lead Junior Counselor

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