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The International Order of St. Luke the Physician (OSL) is an international, inter-denominational, Christian healing organization, made up of communities dedicated to offering healing prayer in Jesus’ name to all who are in need. Their mission is four-fold: to study the healing miracles of Jesus in scripture; to learn to pray for others; to provide opportunities to experience the healing power of Jesus; and to empower members to confidently pray for anyone, anywhere, anytime in the name of Jesus.

Saint Barnabas was first introduced to the ministry of OSL in 1964 by the Rev. Henry Getz (Rector at the time). Peggy Huff began her participation in the 1980’s for a time and returned in 2000. Shortly after, she was asked by Glen Schafer, the current convener, if she would consent to be the new convener. Her reaction was one of awe and real humility and she felt she must say “yes!” OSL at Saint Barnabas has been printing a monthly prayer letter that started with 10 people in need of prayer and now includes 50-60 people in need of healing.

Nancy Backes, having been the recipient of the group healing prayers, felt deeply called to give back to others what she had received and became a member of OSL in 2020. Last spring, Peggy approached Nancy about taking over as the convener of OSL. Nancy’s reaction was exactly the same as her mentor Peggy’s was, “one of awe and real humility and felt she must say ‘yes!'”

This Saturday, August 20, at our regular monthly OSL meeting (10:00am in The Other Cup), we will be thanking Peggy for her many years of loving and faithful service and will be inducting Nancy as our new convener.   All are welcome to attend.  On Sunday, August 21st we will have a simple reception after the 10:15 service in Hutton Hall to show our appreciation for Peggy – all that she does and all that she is! Please come and greet Peggy as we celebrate her and her ministry with OSL.

For more information about OSL click here.

Meetings are on the third Saturday of each month at 10:00am either in person or on zoom. Please contact The Rev. Jennifer Tucker if you would like to learn more about this ministry and how to get involved.

About Saint Barnabas

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