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By Meredith Williams, Content Creator Junior Counselor

On Monday, our campers had a ton of fun! We learned that all of us are interconnected like the parts of the body – We are all different parts of the same body – each unique and needed. In the Food Science workshop, we made exploding grapefruits and rock candy. For the Art Workshop, campers made clay aliens. Everyone had a “blast” the first day!

During Tuesday’s Arts Camp, we did so many different crafts and games. Campers made wind chimes, sang the camp song, and much so more. All of them came with a smile on their faces, and left with one as well. In Food Science, campers got to make slime! For Music, Ms. Abby taught the kids vocal warm-ups and other songs. And in Drama, campers got to play a variety of games that made them all laugh! Tuesday’s metaphor was about how a symphony isn’t the same without one of the instruments.

Wednesday’s camp was fantastic! As the day’s metaphor was about how we are all different, unique plants in one garden, campers got to make miniature Galactic Gardens with succulents. In the Food Science workshop, campers got to do three unique activities. They made solar ovens for s’mores, which they will bake in the sun tomorrow. Campers also made butter by shaking heavy cream in a small container with a marble and even dyed vegetables and flowers. For Drama, kids had fun doing different activities that made them all laugh, such as making up random uses for ordinary objects. During Ms. Abby’s Music Workshop, Campers sang Here Comes the Sun to emphasize that we are plants of one garden – all watered by the same rain and warmed by the same sun.

Wow! Thursday was full of fun and adventure, with multiple crafts and games. Kids made lanterns, vegetable monsters, and much more. In Food Science, campers made solar s’mores. One advantage of the summer heat is that chocolate and marshmallows melt very well, resulting in messy but delicious treats! Kids also got to continue singing the camp song in Music.

For Drama, campers got to play more unique games, including role playing and more. Today’s craft was glittery lanterns. While they might look simple and boring at first, turning off the lights makes a spectacular show! These night lights help us remember we are many sources of one light – and when we shine together, our lights are inseparable!

Even though Friday was the last day of camp for this week, campers still had a great time. Today, kids got to film the music video for the camp song! Even though it took a while, it was worth it. First, campers split into groups of 3 or 4. Then, each group would go in front of a green screen and dance along to the song. Kids got to pretend to float in space, be rocket ships, or do their own special dances.

Now take a look at our fabulous Intergalactically Interconnected music video!


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