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Profile in service and dedication.

Tammy Underwood and her family joined Saint Barnabas in 1983 and immediately became contributing members of the church.

In 1986 Tammy took over the position of St Barnabas Bookstore Manager and has held that job ever since. At that time the bookstore was in a small one-room space off Hutton Hall where one had to practically step over each other to get around. Every Sunday and Tuesday she could be found in that small space with a smile on her face ready to welcome all visitors to the store. She was there on Sunday to serve parishioners and visitors before and after church, and on Tuesdays to serve the ECW women who were there attending their meeting.

The Bookstore (along with the Music Center and the Other Cup) was dedicated on All Saints’ Day in 2005. Tammy had a hand in every aspect of the design and building of the bookstore, and what you see when you enter is due to Tammy and her foresight. In addition to Sundays and Tuesdays, she began opening the store on Fridays to accommodate anyone who was there for church meetings or public forums. Tammy has always been the purchasing agent for the store, pouring over countless brochures and meeting with their sales representatives to make sure that the store carried merchandise benefitting its customers.

Tammy is loyal to the church and to the bookstore. She has help from the volunteers who give their time on Sundays and other special events for which the church has asked for the store to be open. The volunteers are parishioners and friends who regularly attend Saint Barnabas, but they are there to support Tammy. It does not take long to realize that Tammy has a vision for all that the shop could and should be. It is her brainchild and she conceptualizes every aspect of it. She considers it a gathering place to welcome those who are shoppers or those who just want to visit and talk. She is an inspiration because she treats everyone with kindness and compassion letting them know that no task is too difficult or time-consuming. The moment you walk into the bookstore you are aware of the devotion and care Tammy exudes and you immediately know you are with a friend.

She is one of Saint Barnabas’ greatest assets by living out Christ’s example of loving our neighbor.

Everyone is proud to call her their friend.

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