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“Organ Classics from the Bench” transported the audience on a musical journey through time, revisiting the timeless compositions of renowned composers. Each piece performed by Michael Salazar, our Resident Organist, was a glimpse into the rich history of classical music.

About the pieces and composers in the program:

Johann Sebastian Bach: Bach’s compositions have left an indelible mark on the world of music. In this concert, his intricate and spiritually uplifting organ works resonated through the Sanctuary, taking the audience back to the Baroque era with the majestic opening piece.

Samuel Wesley: Wesley was an influential composer of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. His compositions, known for their lyrical melodies and harmonious structures, provided a delightful contrast to the other pieces.

Felix Mendelssohn: Mendelssohn’s romantic compositions brought a touch of emotional depth to the concert. His organ works, such as the evocative “Voluntary No. 1, Op. 6,” provided a beautiful glimpse into the Romantic era. This is a compelling piece that embodies the composer’s fascination with the organ and his desire to pay homage to the music of the Baroque era while infusing it with the emotional depth and Romantic sensibilities of his own time. It remains an engaging and significant composition within the organ repertoire, cherished by organists and audiences alike.

The concert also featured the works of Joseph Jongen, a Belgian composer known for his organ compositions. His music displayed a fusion of impressionistic and romantic elements, captivating the audience with its intricate textures.

Max Reger: Reger’s contributions to the program added depth and complexity. His compositions are often characterized by their intricate counterpoint and harmonic richness, making them a fascinating exploration of late Romanticism.

Overall, “Organ Classics From The Bench” was a musical time capsule, offering a glimpse into the genius of these composers and their enduring contributions to the world of classical music. Michael Salazar’s skillful interpretation of their works allowed the audience to experience the beauty and diversity of these timeless compositions, creating a memorable and enchanting afternoon for all in attendance.

About Michael Salazar:

An Indonesian-born organist, Michael began his musical journey at a young age, securing his first organist position at All Saints’ Anglican Church in Arizona at 15. He excelled academically, earning a Bachelor of Music in Organ Performance with honors. He furthered his education at Yale University, where he obtained a Masters of Music in Organ Performance in 2013.

Currently, Michael serves as the Director of Music at Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church while pursuing a successful career in finance as a commercial banker. He also contributes to the community by serving on the boards of the Arizona Bach Festival and the Leukemia Foundation for Arizona’s Children. Beyond music and finance, Michael enjoys fitness, golf, capital markets, cooking, and hiking.

About Manny Fimbres

Manny Fimbres is our communications manager, also, a long-time member of Saint Barnabas and has a deep love for his church community. Email Manny Fimbres through the leadership page or call our office at 480-355-9758.