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Thank you for all who gathered on this special day and take part of the blessings from our Bishop Jennifer Reddall. For those who could not attend, take a look at the gallery and video below, and bask in the joy!

A special thank you goes out to Scott Williams for these wonderful images!

A heartfelt expression of gratitude is extended to our esteemed parishioner, David Getts, and his dedicated committee for their unwavering commitment and tireless leadership in stewarding this endeavor over the course of seven years.

Gratitude is extended to the following individuals and organizations:

  • Mark Stanton, who represented the Town of Paradise Valley Planning Commission.
  • Tom Horbath and Ted Miller, both dedicated contributors from Redden Construction, who have been actively involved since the project’s inception six years ago.
  • Tim Starky, the Lead Architect from Coe & van Loo Consultants, played a pivotal role in bringing to life the visionary designs conceptualized by Chris Winters, our landscape architect.
  • Paul Sarantes, Lead Architect at Archicon Architecture & Interiors, provided invaluable assistance in the renovation of Hutton Hall and the Children’s Center.
  • Justin McCallister, the esteemed kitchen consultant from AZ Restaurants, contributed his expertise to enhance our culinary facilities.

Filled with gratitude.

We are profoundly thankful for a multitude of blessings and expressions of generosity that have enriched our faith community throughout our history. These include:

  • The McCormick family’s generous donation of the church’s land in 1955.
  • The construction and completion of the Sanctuary, the Chapel, the administration office, and the Children’s Center in 1961.
  • The addition of Hutton Hall to our parish facilities in 1965.
  • The unwavering support and faithful service of countless individuals that made all these projects possible.
  • The establishment of the Memorial Garden in 1976.
  • The expansion of the administration office building in 1984.
  • The creation of the Learning Center in 1988.
  • The completion of Sean’s Place in 1999.
  • The addition of the Music Center, the Bookstore, and the Other Cup in 2006.
  • The gift of a new organ and the remarkable Sanctuary remodel in 2010.
  • We also remember and give thanks to all the saints of Saint Barnabas who preceded us, nurturing this faith community and passing on their legacy. We express our deepest gratitude for those whose vision and dedicated service envisioned and made possible the beautification of our buildings and grounds, preparing us to extend a warm welcome to our new neighbors.

The visit of our beloved Bishop Jennifer Reddall

It was a source of great joy and privilege to welcome The Right Reverend Jennifer Reddall into our midst. Her presence graced us as we embarked upon the sacred endeavor of embracing our neighborhood and God’s people, and she joined us in profound worship during both of our services of celebration. During the final choir’s melodious rendition, we were uplifted by the sight of Reverend Jim Clark, who walked through the congregation on the patio, radiating joy as he bestowed blessings with holy water. In that sacred moment, we were all reminded of our profound connection as the cherished community of Jesus.

About Manny Fimbres

Manny Fimbres is our communications manager, also, a long-time member of Saint Barnabas and has a deep love for his church community. Email Manny Fimbres through the leadership page or call our office at 480-355-9758.