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With profound joy, we extend our gratitude for the honor of hosting the 63rd Diocesan Convention: “Go! Gather, Grow, and Give,” on October 22nd. It was an event that resonated with the spirit of unity and fellowship, as we were privileged to receive approximately 400 Episcopalians hailing from every corner of Arizona.

In the wake of this assembly, we are privileged to share a message delivered by our Bishop, The Right Reverend Jennifer Reddall, about the wisdom and inspiration encapsulated within the theme of this year’s convention. This gathering also served as a time of reflection, casting a discerning eye upon the achievements and blessings that have graced the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona throughout the year 2023.

We are indeed grateful, and we offer our sincere thanks to all those who attended and make this event possible. It is through their dedication that this convention was a resounding success, illuminating our path forward with renewed hope and purpose.

We  invite you to explore more of the 63rd Diocesan Convention through the lens of The Episcopal Diocese of Arizona’s YouTube channel by clicking below:


There, you will discover videos that capture the essence of this convention, from its workshops to the deep expressions of faith and unity. May these digital treasures serve as a source of continued inspiration and spiritual growth.

In unity, faith, and gratitude, we humbly thank you all for being a part of this  journey, as we continue to “Go! Gather, Grow, and Give” in the service of our shared faith and community.

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