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The Episcopal Way

Join the Reverend Jim Clark for an adventurous journey into the Episcoap Way…

of following Jesus.

7:15pm on Tuesday evenings

Learn how our rich heritage offers tried and true wisdom for following Jesus.

Explore how our celebrated “Three-Legged Stool” of Scripture, Tradition, and Reason gives us dynamic spaciousness for finding God and our own selves.

Learn to use our Book of Common Prayer’s guidance for prayer in virtually every situation we encounter.

This is an opportunity to rediscover what it is about the Episcopal way of following Jesus that keeps holding your soul and bringing you back.

This series will also serve as adult preparation for Baptism and Confirmation or for being received into the Episcopal Church from another tradition.

Email The Rev. Anne Ellsworth to register, or for more information.

WEEK #1 SESSION – November 14

Whiteboard Annotations for Week #1

WEEK #2 SESSION – November 21

Whiteboard Annotations for Week #2

WEEK #3 SESSION – November 28

Circle of the Church Year

Whiteboard Annotations for Week #3

WEEK #4 SESSION – December 5

About Saint Barnabas

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